About CITE City

Letter from Managing Director

Technology, the environment and urbanization define the world in which we live. CITE represents a bold vision for a new research platform, one that provides a venue for addressing challenges the world will face through the complexities of urban environments, energy systems and communications networks — issues most effectively evaluated at scale.

The vision for CITE, a large land holding transformed into a serviced laboratory environment, combines scale with integrated test and evaluation facilities. A prominent feature of Phase1 development, and illustrative of CITE’s transformational opportunities, is the construction of a full-scale, fully operational model city, called “City Lab.” For the first time, at this scale and scope, a researcher will be able to test and evaluate new technologies destined for the marketplace in a single campus environment with pristine testing on the built environment.

CITE will be a home for research that simply cannot be done in existing facilities or real world settings. This project will provide the infrastructure necessary to unlock innovation in energy, telecommunications, transportation, agriculture, security and construction. “Smart technology”  will be honed on CITE’s grid. We see too many tangible barriers confronting the commercialization research. CITE’s goal is to create and physical and institutional setting that removes these barriers. In so doing, CITE will have a gravitational effect on economic development, attracting industries to support and expand its activities. CITE will be an “opportunity highway” over which funding will channel research to market.

Robert H. Brumley
Managing Director
Marble Arch Partners, LLC

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