CITE Customer Segments

Initially, CITE strives to address the needs of six core customer segments including:

Federal Labs
Federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) that conduct research for the US government in energy, transportation, cyber security, smart systems, and other categories

Federal Agencies
Composed of various government agencies with focus on specific research and development initiatives such as energy, transportation, first-responder training, police enforcement scenarios, non-lethal weapons testing, and others

Universities and Research Institutions
Academic institutions, which operate with federal and private funding and have a need for testing and evaluation facilities off-site

Commercial Industries
Global companies from a variety of vertical sectors performing research on new solutions in wireless communications, alternative energy, smart infrastructure, information technology, automated vehicles, robotics, and other technical initiatives

Organizations supporting research in areas to support humanitarian, socio-economic issues, and disaster relief initiatives

Resources Distributors
Energy or water resource distributors reselling to either commercial or consumer end-users in the New Mexico area

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