CITE is essential in breaking down the barriers currently in place in three primary areas:
  1. Commercialization of federally-funded research has been generally a failure;
  2. Transitional testing of new products or services in a real-world, legacy environment is almost impossible to achieve due to scale, scope and regulatory limitations; and
  3. Small firms and innovators are almost completely locked out of federal and private testing and evaluation facilities due to a variety of factors, chief of which is cost.

While it is the goal and mission of numerous federal, state and private laboratories to move intellectual property into the realm of commercialization, those who are engaged in these efforts are frequently buffeted by the prevailing legal, financial and cultural barriers making this process painstakingly slow and inefficient. CITE has been designed with these barriers to technology transfer in mind, seeking to improve this process wherever possible while becoming an integral part of it. CITE seeks to be considered by the federal, academic and private sector research communities as an additional option — not a competitive alternative — supportive of their developmental processes, budgets, and research while respecting their independence, confidentiality and the proprietary nature of their research.

Due to its unprecedented scale, CITE provides an operating, physical infrastructure for product developers to test and evaluate their next-generation innovations against. Relieved of the restrictions on limited testing due to regulatory or safety concerns that are prevalent within a research laboratory setting, CITE will permit broad-based testing, in a cross-disciplinary environment, where the conditions are not pristine and the underlying operating infrastructure not perfect. As such, CITE is a venue where a new product, production technology, operating system, or service can be bolted-onto or built-into real-world testing mechanisms for enhanced, more effective results.

Lastly, CITE is open to ALL applicants, particularly small businesses, simply by being privately-owned and privately operated. As cost remains a significant hurdle for most businesses, CITE is actively engaged in innovative initiatives with State and local economic development partners to establish mutually beneficial programs to allow access to CITE facilities as a precursor to product commercialization and economic development.

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