CITE Design


The hallmark of CITE is the City Lab, a full-scale, fully functional test city. City Lab will be a representative example of a modern day, mid-sized American city. It will occupy approximately 400 acres and include urban, suburban and rural zones as well as the corresponding infrastructure. City Lab will be pre-wired for data collection giving researchers the ability to simulate system-wide scenarios and then draw data from such activities.

Although City Lab is a central feature of CITE, it is one of many labs that will be developed at the facility. A large portion of land area will be devoted to future public or private lab development attracted to CITE for its infrastructure and favorable research environment. Seen globally, CITE is a land lab — a place that big things go for testing and evaluation.

CITE’s Backbone is a unique underground operations & maintenance system that connects the entire CITE facility. It includes a flexible data, energy and water grid that traces across CITE. The Backbone Hub will serve as the command center for the Backbone. It will include a Networks Operation Center and Data Center, as well as research and development lab facilities.

CITE’s Research Campus will serve as a center for collaborative innovation. It will include wet and dry lab modular research labs, support labs, clean rooms, high-bay labs for fabrication, conferencing and meeting space, research offices and campus administration. The Campus will be the temporary home for research teams using utilizing the CITE facility and will be the permanent home of industry attracted to CITE’s communications infrastructure and research orientation.

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